I have created a Corona virus support line designed for emotional support for anyone who needs it during this time. I have an MA in Counseling Psychology, and I am currently working on my second MA in Divinity. I am being trained to offer care to those in crisis who are grieving and/or dying and experiencing loss.

I identify as omnist and interfaith with a strong emphasis in Buddhism and a background in Christianity and Catholicism – and also atheism.

I am here to help you get resourced by means of somatic therapy, talk therapy, or Buddhist meditation in the form of Vipassana or Shamata. I am an expert at holding non-judgemental spaces, and I work with men and women with emotional issues pertaining to their lives and gender roles within the family or societal dynamic.

I have a multitude of various methods from which to pull from. Let’s find what eases your suffering or simply allows space for it to be. I am extremely skilled at identifying a proper modality in a timely and efficient manner.

Thus far, my studies have been dedicated primarily to the neurobiology of behavior in relation to grief, loss, dying, anxiety, the reward system and sexuality, harm-reduction, shame, post-traumatic stress disorder, attachment theory, addiction, gender, and most importantly, communication. 

I have other lines on Niteflirt that showcase my expertise as Dominatrix of over a decade, however, that is not what this line is for. Please be mindful of that when calling. This line will not be used for those services.