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Gifts are never expected but are always appreciated.

Tipping is not required but polite. There is no up-selling, bartering, or haggling before or during the session. Wishlist:

  • If you would like to bring a gift, I request a gift card to Natural Grocers or King Soopers. I love to cook, and I love to eat! Going to the grocery store is something I really enjoy. To me, it’s a very creative process.
  • e-gift cards are always appreciated.  They can be sent to: Let me know if you send one,  because they sometimes go to my trash folder.
  • Favorite Restaurant: Rioja
  • Favorite Perfume brands: Tom Ford, Tokyo Milk. Nothing flowery.
  •  Wine/Liquor: None. I do not drink. If you bring a gift of liquor I will gladly regift it to someone who will want it. 

Many of you have inquired on how to support me for the next three years while I’m in grad school. If you would like to make a donation, please email me, and I’ll arrange that. Otherwise, the things on my Wish List are very practical things that I need. Thank you! xoxoxox 


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