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Gifts: never expected, always appreciated.

Tipping is not required but polite. I do not up-sell, hustle, or barter before or during the session. Wishlist:

  • I love to cook, and I love to eat! Going to the grocery store is something I used to enjoy more before COVID, but I still it enjoy now. Cooking is a very creative process. I love gift cards to Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, or King Soopers. The only things I cannot eat are grains.
  • Amazon gift cards can be sent to: Let me know if you send one,  because it sometimes goes to my trash folder.
  • Gift cards to my favorite restaurant: Rioja
  • Favorite Perfume brands: Tom Ford, Tokyo Milk. Nothing too flowery. Earthy, dark, and exotic is my style. Anything French.
  •  I do not drink, but if you can find a bottle of Pastice, Ricard 51, I would make an exception to have a drink with my French grandma at her grave. 


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