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  1. In 1-3 paragraphs, please include the following information in an email to [email protected]
    • Your name and a clear description of desires/history
    • Type and length of session (BDSM, Coaching, Couples, etc)
    • Available dates and start times
  2. Once the date and time are set, I will send you a payment request from a trusted merchant that uses secure end-to-end encryption
    • I must receive payment within 8 hours for the appointment to stand.  
  3. Once the payment is complete, further instruction will be given. 


  • Appointments are a shared commitment. In the event of illness, sessions will be rescheduled. In the event of non-illness, you may reschedule up to 1 time.
  • All interactions, email or otherwise, are confidential. I take this very seriously. Just as I expect you to respect my privacy, I respect yours. This is extremely important. 

EMAIL: [email protected]


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