A Cut Above

I am proud of the reputation that I have built as one of the most well-respected, established, and skilled Dominas in Denver. What sets Me apart is my keen understanding of The Neurological and Emotional Aspects of BDSM, which is the foundation of play. I have a keen intuitive sense of what it is you crave about being before Me, and I make it a reality. Just as every individual is different and unique, sessions are individualized and unique with every person.

Style of Play

My play style varies according to who I am playing with because I play off your energy. Sessions are an exchange of give and take, and what is given and what is taken is dependent upon our negotiation we have in person when we meet. I can be compassionately instructional to mischievously playful to fearfully strict to wickedly sadistic. My ability to adapt and artful skill will excite and intimidate you…but my intuitive nature will make you feel safe in your submission to Me. Realizing your forbidden fantasies and controlling your very being is what I crave the most. As your trusted guide and devious tormentor, I will open and explore those deep, hidden, perverted parts of your psyche and imagination. I will use my Feminine powers against you and take absolute delight in you as my slave and plaything. I will bring you to a place where you have secretly longed to be, a place where deep in your heart you know you belong – completely surrendered, under My complete control.


I have been a BDSM/Fetish Specialist since 2007, but I am not a lifestyle dominatrix. I am a skilled  provider of the erotic art of BDSM. I am an actress who is willing to play various scenes, but it is not who I am any more than it is who you are. Within the walls of the dungeon you and I have the freedom to escape and to be something else. This differentiation gives me the ability to create an entire myriad of worlds that other Dommes cannot. I like challenges, playing, and embracing different roles during a scene, and when a scene is over I get to go back to being a human being instead of a metaphor or a stereotype.

My Playthings

I enjoy submissives, masochists, fetishists and bottoms who understand how to respectfully and sincerely communicate within the boundaries of power dynamics with their Mistress. I am extremely particular in my selection process, so those who impress Me the most may receive My attention. For a session, contact guidelines must be strictly followed.


  • Vanilla sex of any kind – including kissing. Gross. Yes, that INCLUDES oral worshipping that isn’t done on my cock. Hire an escort not a Dominatrix if you want vanilla sex. 
  • Play involving real animals. They simply cannot give consent.
  • Pushing real boundaries.
  • Latex on Me – I don’t like to feel confined when I play. I’m also an exhibitionist with a fetish for lingerie. I will wear latex gloves, panties or bras only.


  • Anything goes. Anything. I quite enjoy phone fantasy roleplay.





★ The Intuitive Kinkstress ★