You can choose to have a BDSM VIDEO SESSION or INTIMACY COACHING, or both. They can happen in any order, pattern, or lack thereof. If you are uncertain about what is best, please send me an email sharing your thoughts, and we will come to a conclusion together. 

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Excellent communication skills and attention to detail on my part are paramount for BDSM VIDEO SESSIONS. In these sessions, you will learn how to commence or deepen your existing BDSM practice, and much more. Some things you may learn include, but are not limited to:

  • Negotiation, safety, and aftercare
  • Identifying your desires 
  • Attuning to your partner’s desires
  • Working with the space you have to create a scene
  • The phases of play – beginning, apex, end
  • Timing and delivery of activities of pleasure and/or pain
  • Identifying and/or fostering roles: Dominant, submissive, switch
  • Embracing and encouraging your partner’s kinks, fetishes, and desires
  • The neurological power of ritual and power exchange
  • Tools, toys, and outfits OH MY
  • Prostate and/or G-Spot Stimulation Education
  • Orgasm control of self and other/meditative sex
  • Any activities pertaining to BDSM that coincide with the things found here: kinks


It is not mandatory for intimacy coaching to include the topics of BDSM. Some couples simply want to work on trust, communication, conflict resolution, or anything that has come up. My approach is informed from wisdom and theories from various experts such as Gottman theory; attachment theory; experiential therapy; IMAGO dialogue; mindfulness meditation (Vipassana and Shamata, specifically based on the Theravada tradition); Dr. Sue Johnson’s emotion-focused therapy (EFT); the Law of Attraction and Manifestationthe neurobiology of (C)PTSD, and Gabor Mate’s harm reduction approach to addiction.

Sessions are tailored to meet your needs as a couple and to provide symptomatic relief and a trusting relationship as soon as possible. During our initial session, and in sessions thereafter, you will be given applicable tools and homework to gain a deeper understanding of how to connect and resolve conflict.

Some of the things I see couples for include – but are not limited to:

  • Communication, communication, communication!
    • IMAGO dialogue
    • Active listening/deep listening
    • Empathetic listening
  • Emotional intelligence and accountability
  • Codependency, enabling, differentiation, and enmeshment
  • Connection during conflict and fighting fair
  • Vulnerability and emotional expression
  • The effects of (C)PTSD on sex and connection 
  • Self-regulation tools 
  • Female arousal
  • Male performance anxiety and arousal
  • How gender roles affect intimacy and sex
  • High desire and low desire for intimacy and/or sex
  • Attunement
  • Turning toward instead of away from your partner
  • Shame
  • Love languages
  • Craving, desire, and the reward system of the brain
  • Grief, loss, dying
  • Terminal illness and caregiving 


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