Just don’t…

Don’t tell your Mistress you want to fuck her in the ass. Really, no, not ok. Would you go to Park Burger and ask for a taco? Nope. Not at all. Never. That would be idiotic. Escorts exist for a reason. In fact, here’s a referral: Kitten Karlyle

Don’t continually lean into my personal space and breathe your nasty smelling breath directly into my mouth – especially after I’ve asked you to stop coming into my space. Hey, I understand not all of us need more than a few centimeters from others’ mouths, but I do!

Don’t tell me you would like to “switch” roles. It’s insulting for you to think that you could ever provide the carefully calculated type of
Dominant experience I provide and the level of skill I possess. Oh, wait, that’s right… you were hoping this involved vanilla fucking me in the ass. Remember asking for the taco at Park Burger? Yeah. No one wants to feel like a fool. Save yourself the embarrassment.

Also, your social status and/or financial situation does not affect my boundaries, and my self-respect is not something for sale. I don’t care who you are or if you host one of the biggest annual events in Colorado. Apparently all that money couldn’t buy you respect and teach you proper social boundaries, dick.

Lastly, don’t contact a Domme and tell her you want to take charge. It won’t happen, ever, and you will be lucky if she even sees you again, because I know I won’t! Nice meeting you and later, dude.


Spread the word. Be a fucking pioneer.