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Words Make Me Hard…

Yes, they do…

  • Agonophilia: person who is aroused by partner pretending to struggle
  • Agoraphilia: arousal from open spaces or having sex in public
  • Agrexophilia: arousal from others knowing you are having sex
  • Algophilia: arousal from experiencing pain
  • Altocalciphilia: high heel fetish
  • Amaurophilia: preference for a blind or blindfolded sex partner
  • Anasteemaphilia: attraction to taller or shorter partners
  • Basoexia: arousal from kissing
  • Belonephilia: arousal from use of needles
  • Biastophilia: those preferring to violently rape their victims
  • Capnolagnia: arousal from watching others smoke
  • Cratolagnia: arousal from strength of partner
  • Doraphilia: arousal from animal fur, leather, or skin
  • Electrophilia: arousal from electrical stimulus
  • Entomophilia: arousal from insects or using, them in sex play
  • Ephebophilia: attraction to adolescent sex partner
  • Erotophonophilia: lust murder
  • Gerontophilia: attraction to a partner whose age is that of different generation
  • Gynemimetophilia: person aroused by a male impersonating a female
  • Hedonophilia: sexual arousal from engaging in pleasurable activity
  • Hyperphilia: compulsive desire for sex
  • Hyphephilia: arousal from touching skin, hair, leather, fur or fabric
  • Klismaphilia: arousal from enemas
  • Moriaphilia: arousal from telling sexual jokes
  • Naphephilia: arousal from touching or being touched
  • Necrophilia: sex with corpses
  • Oculolinctus: licking partner’s eyeball
  • Oculophilia: eye fetish
  • Odaxelagnia: arousal from biting
  • Odontophilia: arousal from tooth extractions or tooth fetish
  • Ophidiophilia: arousal from snakes
  • Paraphilia: sexual arousal to unusual or socially unacceptable object or act
  • Phallophilia: large penis fetish or preference
  • Pictophilia: arousal from pictures, video or movies with a sexual subject
  • Proctotitillia: tickling anus
  • Psychrophilia: arousal from being cold or watching others freeze
  • Pygophilemania: arousal from kissing buttocks
  • Pygophilia: arousal from contact with buttocks
  • Pyrophilia: arousal from fire or of its use in sex play
  • Raptophilia: arousal only from raping a victim
  • Sarmassophilia: arousal from kneading flesh
  • Stigmatophilia: arousal from partner who is stigmatized (i.e., tattoos, piercings, scars)
  • Traumaphilia: arousal from wounds or trauma; automasochism
  • Tripsolagnophilia: arousal from massage
  • Urophilia: arousal from urine
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