I was perusing my old videos (I like to make a lot of movies…with consent of course) – and I stumbled across a clip that made me want to write a post on the art of role-playing.

I’m not really going to write a lot because I just want to show this amazing video that makes my stomach tingle. What I will say, however, is that I think my affinity for role-playing goes back to my attraction to make-believe. In my everyday life I’m a very logical, down to earth person – and I spend a lot of time to myself working on art projects, gardening, walking the dogs, etc…. However, in my work/play time, I love to go into a different world – a world where reality and fiction blend – but mostly fiction.

What you are seeing in this clip is the start of a scene. We decided that it would be best for me to pretend that I was a priest and the “naughty girl,” Mary Margaret, was confessing her sins about her “unclean” thoughts surrounding her newfound sexuality and puberty. Of course, as the scene progresses of camera… I take Mary Margaret. By take, I think you know what I mean… I don’t need to S-P-E-L-L it out do I? Yeah… ok.

While I realize that this scene may be considered blasphemous to some, I will strongly say that that is the point. When I’m not in the dungeon I give utmost respect to people and their religions, however, when someone comes to me and wants to do a role-play where religion is involved, I usually respond with an enthusiastic YES, PLEASE!

Coming from an oppressive Catholic background has probably added to my desire to engage in blasphemy play or play that involves priests taking young girls – or boys for that matter. I mean it really is about power dynamics, the ultimate form of betrayal and manipulation, and it’s twisted and sick… which makes me want to do it as a role-play!

Enjoy the short clip! Use your imagination or book a session to see what happens after!




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