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Gifts are never expected but are always appreciated.

Tipping is not required. There is no up-selling, bartering, or haggling before or during the session. Wishlist:

  • If you would like to bring a gift, I request a gift card to Natural Grocers or King Soopers. I love to cook, and I love to eat! Going to the grocery store is something I really enjoy. To me, it’s a very creative process.
  • Right now I’m really not interested in gifts of lingerie, but I am interested in some BDSM clothing items, and you can find them on my wishlist. Thank you to those who have helped me stock up on lingerie. 
  • e-gift cards are always appreciated.  They can be sent to: Let me know if you send one,  because they sometimes go to my trash folder.
  • Favorite Restaurant: Rioja
  • Favorite Perfume brands: Jo Malone or Tom Ford.
  •  Wine/Liquor: None. I rarely drink. If you bring a gift of liquor I will gladly regift it to someone who will want it. 
  • I also train my dogs with hot dogs (yes, kind of like how I train you, but with different weiners hahaha). So, packages of nitrate-free hotdogs are much appreciated. Simple Truth has some that are affordable. Beef or pork, no chicken. Thank you.
  • Favorite Spa: A New Spirit. No massages, just sensory deprivation float sessions for me.


usa dominatrix, denver bdsm

★ Denver BDSM Coach ★