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If you’re reading this page, it is either because you care about making a good first impression and you want to increase your chance of seeing me, or it is because you have failed to make a good first impression, and you have been directed here by me. Either way, D/s protocol begins the moment you contact me.

  • Send me a polite email with COMPLETE SENTENCES sentences including:
    1. Your name and a brief introduction – we will discuss your interests in person, but if you want to run something by me, that I haven’t expressed an interest in on my websitego ahead.
    2. Your desired appointment date, time, and duration. See my CALENDAR for my availability.
  • After I have reviewed your message, I will send you the deposit request from a trusted merchant. Once I receive confirmation of the deposit, you will receive the address.
  • If I do not receive the deposit within 12 hours, the requested time is forfeited.

Why do I ask for a deposit? Because I keep my commitments of appointments and so should you. Deposits are done via a secure and trusted merchant that you will recognize when you receive the request. It is safe, encrypted, and fast. I will walk you through it via email if need be when the time comes. If you do not show up, you forfeit your deposit. If I have to cancel our session – which would only be due to an emergency – I will refund your deposit only if you cancel  at least three weeks in advance because this is how far out I book. My time and resources are valuable, so do not expect a refund if you “have a change of plans.”

No deposit = No Session. No exceptions!


  • All interactions, email or otherwise, are confidential. I have a lot of high-profile clients, and I respect and value their confidentiality as they do mine. I do not believe in non-consensual exploitation.
  • I accept cash, debit, or credit. Credit must be done in advance or before we start playing. 
  • Same-day session requests will probably be ignored – not because I’m being rude, but because I plan my days out in advance to maintain a healthy life balance.

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The dungeon is located in South Denver. Parking is free. You receive the address upon the receipt of the deposit. 

Tipping is not required. There is no up-selling, bartering, or haggling before or during the session.

  • 250 1 hr
  • 350 1.5 hrs
  •  500 2 hrs
  • 700 3 hrs

  • 500 1.5 hr
  • 600 2 hrs
  • 800 3 hrs





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