Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.37.13 AMPre-session email from a submissive. 
“I’ll try very hard to sit on your couch and dispassionately talk about sessions and preferences et. al., but when I think of it that is the part seems like role play.  When I think about connecting with you, two things come to mind.  Talking with you afterwards about who you are now, where you are, glimpses at the back of the painting…

As for the first part, all I ever imagine is you sitting on that couch.  I try to sit across from you to have that little interview, but it’s impossible.  All I want to do is slide down to the floor next to you.  I feel your leg against my side, the cool leather of the couch against my forehead.  My eyes close and in that darkness I feel your hand brush through my hair then the warmth and weight of it on the top of my head.  And that’s where it ends, I can’t see any further.  In the time since I’ve last seen you, I’ve imagined coming back to you so many times but its always the same image.  The rest is beyond a door I can’t go through by myself.
That is why I have chosen you, you to be my Mistress, my guide in submission, pleasure, and willingness. I know I can be in no better hands than yours. I give myself to you. All of me. 
Spread the word. Be a fucking pioneer.